Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lets Get Sketchy - January week 4

I am running late for another challenge over at Lets Get Sketchy.  The January week 4 sketch closes in just over a day - no idea what I have been up to to be that late.

Here is the sketch

& here is my page

All my digital pages are created in Serif Craft Artist & this one as you can see from the date is long overdue.  The papers & embellishments on this page are taken out of various digi kits.

We took the canal trip that goes along the canal & over the Pontcysllte Aqueduct, during which time we had our lunch.  A really lovely leisurely tour & the view over the aqueduct was amazing.  At the end of the trip we disembarked & a coach was there to take us back to the start of our trip where we had left the car.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Digitally Sweet Challenge - #20 Butterflies

I take many photos of flowers & flowering trees - they are a bit of a passion - & although I took photos of butterflies some years ago when taking a young niece to a Butterfly Farm I don't have the photos & have no idea where the negatives are as that was probably the method used.

So how to enter this challenge?  As I looked through my flower photos hoping for inspiration I spotted one of a tree I had photographed in France - a Lilac, & remembered at the time there had been lots of butterflies on it but I hadn't caught one in the photograph.  Still it gave me an idea & here it is -

I hope it meets the criteria of the challenge.  As I look at the page now I notice that once again (for my later benefit) I have not said "the where" on it - so must go back & do that & here is hoping I can remember which holiday.  The information of course will be on the original photo as I always now download them straight to my laptop.

The page was created in Serif Craft Artist & I used the pick tool to change the colour of the small butterflies, gems & the text to the same colour as the lilac.

It was a beautiful day & the tree was down a little alley way between 2 houses.

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A new follower..

Having only recently started this blog I am so pleased to see I have another follower.  So welcome to my blog Christine I hope you enjoy your visits.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

CD Sunday - Hello Doily

Ah ha - as they said on the CD Sunday challenge blog it is not a spelling mistake - the challenge is to include a doily on the project.

I actually made 2 cards - the first one I created on a square black card and the second one an easel card.

Here is the easel card.

This card was actually my second choice but now I look at it again I think it is my preferred card. I wonder what you will think.

The CD I used was Joanna Sheens "Fabulous Flowers" which I haven't used for a while.  It has a file of jpegs of the flowers which is really useful - but another section has Kaleidoscope images. Due to all the lovely images on the CD it took me a very pleasant hour going backwards & forwards through it to decide which one to use.  The sheet that prints out has 2 designs on it each a different shape with 3 layers each - then about 6 single flowers of different sizes.

Here is the first card I made

This one has a petal style edge to the topper which I carefully cut around.  The little flower on the green strip is the flower that JS made the kaleidoscope from in both designs.  The only thing was that there wasn't suitable backgrounds so I created a plain green piece with Serif Craft Artist picking the colour from the flower.  Then I created a pink strip the same way but added some of the flower heads to create a pattern.  I am hoping that I have broken any copyright by creating the pink background.

I adhered the base layer directly to the doily, then the other 2 layers were put on sticky pad to raise them.

Here is a closeup of both of the kaleidoscope toppers

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Lets Get Sketchy - january - wk 3

Time for me to play with another Lets Get Sketchy sketch - this time it is umber 3 for the month & there aren't many days before it closes.

Here is the sketch;

& here is my page
& this really is another one of those catch up pages.  Thank goodness for sketch challenges I am gradually getting these photos & events put together.
These photos were taken when we took our grand-daughter to France for a weekend for Easter 2003 & in the grounds of the hotel where we stayed there was this lovely foal which she just had to go over & see. Plus the hotel had 2 cats which she constantly fussed. It was her first time away from home other than days out.  She was 6 years old - so she is now 16 with her 17th birthday fast approaching.
I have just realised that I haven't put the date of the weekend on the page - must go back & rectify that.  I didn't use a specific kit for this page - just took snippets from several of them.
It was a brilliant weekend & we thoroughly enjoyed having her with us.
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

I made top 3 ....................

........... in the Digitally Sweet Challenge #19 which I posted on Wednesday having almost left it too late.

This is the page;

ah! I needn't have put it here again as Wednesday was my last post before this one.
Never mind - it is worth looking at again.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Digitally Sweet Challenge #19 - sketch

Ooh! I have just noticed there is only 1 day & a bit before this challenge closes.  Better get my skates on & get it put here& linked to Digitally Sweet. It has been sitting on my laptop for a couple of days waiting to be posted.

What is the challenge?  It is a sketch challenge at Digitally Sweet & here is the sketch;

& here is my page based on it;

as always my page was created in Serif Craft Artist & I used a kit called "Daydream" which as you can see is pretty pinks & mint colours which went very well with the wedding colours.  In this photo the flowers look redder than they were - they were darker more of a burgundy.

Some of the elements have been "embossed" to make them shiny & stand out more & drop shadows to lift them.

This sketch has given me the opportunity of creating another page of my stepsons wedding from nearly 3 years ago.  I have a photo album which will contain lots of photos but I am slowly picking out the "nicer" or special photos to put in a digital scrapbook about family weddings through the years.  This photo is really beautiful - they are very close & it shows.

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Lets Get Sketchy - January - week 1

Yes! I know I have already done week 2 for Lets Get Sketchy challenges - I must have paged down so quick I didn't spot that I hadn't tried week 1.  Mind you you would have thought the fact that they are numbered would tell me something?  Ah well it is still early in  the year for the brain to be stirring.

Here is the sketch for week 1 & it is so lovely;

& here is my take on the sketch;

Gareth is my stepson & when he bought another car in 2011 the retailers placed a lovely bouquet of flowers in the car.  As he is single - I reaped the benefit.  For this page I chose the 2 best photos out of the batch that I took & cropped them to suit the layout.  I created the page through Serif Craft Artist & used the colour pick feature to create the colours for my layered papers.

For the photos I used photo frames that give the appearance of torn edges - I have used these quite a lot just recently because I do like the effect.  But it is strange isn't it that if I was doing a hybrid page I wouldn't dream of tearing the photo.  It's one of those odd "can't do" things I have - I love altered books that people do but couldn't do it myself as my mind says I am defacing it.  I know it isn't - but!!!!

Around the time Gareth got his car my OH got a car as well & so I had another bouquet - I don't think I have used those photos yet.  Hmm! might stop & do that now.  This sketch will certainly be used again.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Digital Tuesday Challenge - Colour Combo

The correct theme of the challenge is - Favourite Colour Combo -  at Digital Tuesday Challenge Blog.  I don't necessarily have a favourite but at the moment I am into blues & greens & very much like monochrome. The item made does not have to be totally digitally but must contain something digital.

Here is my entry - & this time I have made a card & it is totally digital.

The card has been made in Serif Craft Artist  & the cute image comes from Digi Stamp Boutique.  The background paper & flowers came from one of the many digi scrap kits I have on my laptop.  I have "embossed" some of the elements - the sentiment, the flowers & the outer frame to the image.  Drop shadow has been applied to those same elements to lift them off the page a little.

The image was just an outline digi stamp & I coloured it in Serif by using a paper piecing technique.  I haven't done this technique for a while, it is a bit fiddly, but I am very pleased with the finish. 

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Let's Get Sketchy - January week 2

Time to create another page & I have been inspired by a sketch over at "Lets get Sketchy" & the most unusual sunset this evening.  I couldn't believe the colour & had to capture it & scrap it straight away.

Here is the sketch

As I seem to do quite a lot I have again rotated this sketch as my sunset photos were landscape not portrait.

Here is my take on this sketch;

Yes! the sky was that pinky purple shade & the photo was taken at about 5:00 pm.

I have created the page in Serif Craft Artist & selected the various elements & papers on the page from different kits that I have on my laptop.  Some of the embellishments have been embossed to give them a shiny surface & drop shadows to lift the elements off the page.

I am really pleased with this page.

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If you have this cold snowy weather where you live - please keep warm & safe.

Sketch 'n Scrap 25

As I am not venturing far in this cold snowy weather I decided to enter the challenge over at the   Sketch 'n Scrap Challenge blog & to cheer myself up I chose some photos from some flowers I was given a while ago.

Here is the sketch

& here is my take on the sketch

As you can gather from the name of my blog  - I do some digital crafting & this page has been produced in Serif Craft Artist creating an 8" x 8" page.  What I love about this software is the way you can make the page look like it has layers.  I have so many pages to create & if I tried to do them all hybrid paper craft they would never get done.  So a lot of them are created digitally.  
To create this page I rotated the sketch a little because my photos are landscape not portrait as in the sketch. I then chose a slightly decorative page from among the kits I have & used the transparency tool to fade it away.  I then put the photograph of the complete bouquet I had been given onto the background & stretched it to a larger square afterwards using the transparency tool again to merge the 2 layers. These 2 layers then became my complete background paper.

Next I chose some frames that make the photos look like they have torn edges, & gave the top photo decoupage treatment. Some items have had the shadow tool applied so that they look as if they are raised from the background.  Also the title, ribbon & small flowers I have embossed to give a shiny finish.

These sketch challenges are brilliant for me as slowly they are giving me the inspiration to get all my photos sorted.  All I have to do now is have a printing session & put them into albums.

Do you need inspiration for your pages - then why not pop over to Scrap 'n Sketch where you will find lots of ideas?

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

cd sunday - forever in blue jeans

What a great theme over at CD Sunday Challenge Blog this week- I love that song & Neil Diamond is my all time favourite singer.

I found what I needed for this challenge amongst my My Craft Studio CD's & used the one called Fab Glam 50's.  Here is my card;

After choosing the images I wanted I decided to make a centre panel stepper card.  I cut out the young couple & adhered them to the background on the side panels.  I was going to 3-d them but it had been a bit fiddly cutting them out - but then I didn't like them flat so I cut out just their clothes & 3-d them & liked it much better. A border strip with records on them made the front strip & a record - (ooh should I be calling them discs??) - with the label personalised for the title of the challenge & then the juke box.  I think I am crossing 2 decades on this card but never mind.

Here are some close-ups;

the girl - love those rolled up jeans.  I remember when I had a waist like that!

& the dashing young man with his leather jacket & jeans.

& of course the record / disc

That was a fun card to make - I think I will keep it for my brother's birthday later this year.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sketches in Thyme #100

Edited after publishing to reduce size of photo to fit page

It's Sketches In Thyme challenge again & this is my third & final sketch as a Guest Designer.  It has been fun & this one has definitely tested me.

Here is the sketch

Looking at the shape & size of the sketch it would appear to be a double page spread. As I normally create my pages 8" x 8" this design gave me a problem as the half way point would cut in half the larger picture at the top.  So I created a custom sized page measuring 8" x 12".  When I want to actually print these photos & put them in my album I will recreate it as a double page spread 8" x 8" with the layout just separated a little.

Here is my page ........................

............. using photos taken at the beautiful North Wales village - Port Meirion.  I have already created one page from this visit for another challenge. The houses are so beautiful & the colours just make you want to keep taking photos.

I had already selected some of the photos from that day out for another album page & had used a photo manipulation package to create those oval & rounded edge photos with the white borders. I rather liked the way they looked so left them like that for this page.  As always I create my pages through Serif Craft Artist & one of the new effects is to create a pyramid stack from one photo.  So I used that effect on the 2 larger photos.

I am so pleased that I have started entering these challenges as it really gets my creative juices going & I certainly wouldn't have got so many pages created without them.  So thank you to all the lovely people who create these challenges for us to follow.

Thank you once again for visiting my little blog space & I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please call again & I hope you will leave a comment or just say hello.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

a challenge win

Back in December I entered a challenge for Cards Galore Scrapbook Challenge where the theme was "Anything Goes" - this morning I discovered my page had been selected as the winner.

The photo & information about this entry was shown on my other blog - so I will put a photo of it here now for the record.

I think I have won something too!

If you are interested in what I had to say about it the link is HERE.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Digitally Sweet Challenges#18 - pinterest inspiration

Time for another challenge at Digitally Sweet Challenges where the theme is to be inspired by a photo taken from a Pinterest board.  This is the photo & the inspiration could be whatever you found - colour, birds, winter etc.

These little birds are beautiful but the inspiration they gave me was to create another page for a day out back in October 2007 when for his birthday that year I bought my OH a day flying birds of prey.  So here is my page .........

I created the page in Serif Craft Artist & I love these photo masks where a straight edge photo is dropped on to them & you get this lovely random edging.  The most surprising photo was the one of the bird flying away after sitting on his arm for quite a while.  I really didn't think I would get the photo but luck was on my side.

I suppose really it is hard to see the inspiration between the two other than the birds.  I wonder if I could create a page on the same subject but pick up the colours from the inspiration?????   Hmm!  might give that a try later.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

cd sunday - vintage vogue

Ooh another chance for more elegant ladies this week over at CD Sunday Challenge blog.

Looking amongst my CD's I came across a CD from a company called CardzCardzCarz who are no longer in business it would seem.  All the images on there are fashion with matching backgrounds & inserts & toppers, but the main images are pyramage.

Here is the card I am entering for the challenge

I printed the pyramage image & some background papers which I resized as they were a little large. I folded the front section of the card in half backwards to create a zigzag card. I cut the background papers with deckle edged scissors just a little smaller than the panels & coloured the edges with a burgundy ink pad.  I then added a strip of burgundy ribbon on the narrow front & the inner panel.  I found a rather nice sentiment about beautiful things & stamped that in the burgundy ink & embossed in clear EP & attached to the front panel.  The pyramage panel was added to the lower right edge of the inside.  To both of the ribbons I added 3 flat backed pink gems. 

Stupidly I adhered the panels on the card before attaching the ribbon to them - so after making the card I had some background paper left over so covered the reverse side of the narrow panel & the main section hiding the turned over ribbon. Looks very neat & different.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

cd sunday challenge win

Wow! I found out this morning that my card for last weeks challenge at CD Sunday Challenge blog is a winner.  I get a prize too - a CD from Peerless Designs called Floral Jewels.

This is the card

Must settle down now & sort my design for this weeks challenge.

Thank you for stopping buy - please call again.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

foggy photos to scrap

Yesterday & the day before were very foggy here in North Wales & the view across the fields from the front of my house just needed to be recorded.

I quite like this one - very mysterious, with the trees & house looming through

& the fog must have shifted a little before I took this one, as the trees & house are a little fainter

I rather like this one with the hedge in the front taking the eye on through

So! now the test is to find the right backgrounds & embellishments to create a scrap book page. When I have worked all that out I will be back with the completed page.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

cd sunday challenge - art nouveau

The challenge over at CD Sunday this week gave me 2 challenges - had I got anything that was Art Nouveau & what is the difference between Deco & Nouveau.  Asking a couple of friends it seems the Nouveau is the flowery curvy style as opposed to angular style that is Deco.  Anyway that is the guide I used.

After looking through the very few CD's I have that have stylish images on I found some on Joanna Sheen's Boutique CD set. As I need a card for my stepdaughter for her birthday I chose my image with that in mind.

Here is the card;

I hope this is the right image - it is flowery curly in style. 

I decided on an easel card  - I have got a thing about them again.
I took the topper from the JS CD & pulled it into Serif Craft Artist. As I was unsure about copyright I have not altered the topper all I have done is digitally layer it onto squares of colour.  The 2 colours - pale green & gold - I picked from the topper & just created shapes filled with those colours.  I also created a whole sheet of the pale green for my other layers.  I included a second copy of the topper & cut out the circular image in order to decoupage it, plus a miniature of the topper for the easel stopper. A glittery ribbon & bow, some pale green gems complete the card.

Here is a close up of the stopper - for some reason my camera shot has changed the green paper to blue.

A close up of the topper.  Oh yes the little gold image by the side of the topper was off of one of the Serif kits & I added the Happy Birthday on the oval plaque at the top digitally as well.

I used to show my entries for the CD Sunday challenges on my rubber stamping blog but thought it more appropriate for them to be here.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sketches In Thyme #99

Hello & welcome it's time to show you my second page as Guest Designer at Sketches In Thyme.

This is the sketch for challenge #99  ...............

............ & this is my page based on the sketch

As I now look at the finished page here on my blog I notice that I haven't put the date on it - it was a September morning in 2011.  That isn't a problem as I have not printed it yet so I can add that in before I do.  Because I have made my own small album for storing these pages they are all at 8" x 8".
Mind you I will have to do some 12" x 12" at some time as I have 2 lovely albums awaiting pages.
Anyway back to this page ...........
The background paper & the gold layer for the photographs are from one of CaroLines Silhouette Kits & I thought the colours went well with the sunrise photographs.  This particular background also had some movement in it that compliments the clouds.
The little bird that I used, rather than the bunting, to go cross the photos was a punch from the Craft Artist software that I use to produce my pages.  I then just copied & pasted to produce the string. The frames are not proper frames they are photo edges so when the photo is dropped into position it makes it look like a photo with torn edges has been placed on the page.  I like that finish.
When a sketch doesn't have lots of embellishments on it I sometimes find it hard to find the right background - it's the empty space.  But I think this one worked OK - what do you think?
I am not usually around to capture this sort of photograph, but that morning it had found a gap in the curtain & woke me - then it was a mad dash to get the camera, open the window & take photos.
Do pop over to the Sketches In Thyme blog & have a look at what others have done with this sketch. Why not have a go yourself - it is fun & you get those photos out of those packets & boxes.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Lets Get Sketchy - not so picture perfect!

"Not so picture perfect" - that presented a challenge in itself as recently I have got into the habit of deleting any photos I think I am totally unable to use.  Still it would appear I still have a couple photos left that would have remained unused on a page or in an album - but which one to use?

I had to make my mind up quickly as the challenge over at Lets Get Sketchy only had a couple more days to run.

In 2011 we visited Brest Sealife Centre & I spent ages watching the sea lions swimming & trying to capture their expert twist & turns.  This page shows what I had to put up with bless them ................

As the journaling says - every time he came towards me he flipped over on his back so only his nose was really visible, but at least he was near the surface. Most of the time he swam below the surface - so then you had to hope you could seem him through the ripples on the water.  I have one of those as well - only I know what it is that is swimming there. They were absolutely fascinating & beautiful to watch.

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sletches in Thyme #98

Good morning ............ and ...........

It's rather an exciting morning for me because it is time for a new sketch over at Sketches in Thyme challenge blog as well as being my first challenge entry as a Guest Designer for them during January.

Here is sketch #98

and here is my take on this sketch

I have no idea why I chose these photos for this challenge - I spent about an hour going through my photos on my laptop wondering which ones to do.  I hadn't got as far as creating any pages from this weekend away so thought it would be a good idea to get started.

I took many many photos whilst we were there that day.  Due to being unable to use my flash some of the photos are of no use - but I should be able to produce another page later.  Also on that weekend break we visited "Little Europe" - a model "village" - but Europe wide.  I think one of the other 2 sketches this month will include photos from that visit.

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Why not pop over to the challenge blog & see what other crafters have done with the sketch - maybe have a go yourself?

Thinking of you cards

Today we have heard of 2 people in our circle of friends that have had bad news regarding health - so some cards are definitely needed.  I felt that "Thinking of You" cards would be the  more appropriate card style to make.

For this first card I have used one of CaroLines Creative Stamping Poppy Parade digi kit.

The second card was created using a digi kit Lindalou Creations called "Dream a Little".  This time I decided on a shaped background to the front of a white card.
I always take a small image from the card & put on the back of the card with details of who made the card - ie - me!  I rather liked the embroidery stitch around this design.
So that is my 2013 start to digital card making.
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

some greetings cards

Hello again - how was your New Years eve & New Years day celebrations.  I hope they all went well.

Just before starting this blog & during the early days of playing with the new release of Serif Craft Artist I decided to design some cards for birthdays, get well etc.  I am sometimes asked by a group I support if I can make some cards for them to help raise funds.  So these designs are for when they need new supplies.

This is the first birthday design.
This photo is straight from my computer - when I print some off I will photograph it again so that you can see it "in the flesh" so to speak.  The inside has a very basic greeting as the main part is on the front & the reverse of the card has one of the pink flower sprays & the details of it being created by me.  Of course the "created by" on the front of the card will not be there for real it is a safety factor for the blog.
The beauty of this is that I can recreate this card in any colour to suit a persons preference.  But I will also be preparing them in a similar fashion with different flowers & different styles of borders.  That should keep me busy!
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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to my new blog

Hello and a warm welcome to my new blog & my very first post on it.

Also a Very Happy New Year to you all.

Please pop & read the page about me to find out why I am starting this blog when I do already have one - it seems a shame to write it all out again here when I could be telling you about the things I am doing.  But basically, recently I have found myself doing more digital work & entering quite a few challenges.  So as I didn't want this to hide my rubber stamping I have started this blog just for digital crafting.

To give you a pictorial background I have created a page that will hold photos of some of the work I have been doing before today.

This month also sees a different challenge for me - forgive the pun - as I have been invited to be a Guest Designer at Sketches In Thyme Challenge Blog for January.  I have 3 sketches to do & the first one will appear in the post for 4 January.  I do hope you will pop back to see what I have done.  Why not pop over to the website too & perhaps enter the challenge - it is great fun & a good way to get pages done with those photos you still have in packets & boxes.  Mostly I use Serif Craft Artist Professional2, but occasionally use MyCraftStudio.

I hope you will visit again & watch my progress with digital crafting. Please leave a comment or just say hello it is always nice to hear from visitors.