Monday, 25 February 2013

CD Sunday - Hugs & wishes

Time for another CD Sunday Challenge & this week the theme is "Hugs & Wishes".  That says cute to me & I don't do a lot of cute.  Still, it's time to search amongst the CD's for a good cute image.

I found what I was looking for on a My Craft Studio CD from the Papercraft Library Volume 3 called Violet.

Here is my card

I printed out a background paper, some flowers & a plaque.  Then I selected this image of Violet hugging her toys.  When I printed everything off I found I hadn't reduced the size of Violet as much as I thought.  But no worries I have some 8" cards - so I decided to make a large card for a change.  I had printed Violet twice so I cut out just the teddy in her arms & layered that & also cut away the leaves around the flowers on a second flower to give them some depth.  As I finished putting it together I remembered my "hug a teddy" stamp so added that on a piece of the background paper in the bottom corner.

a close up of the sentiment

Very pleased with this one.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sketches in Thyme - #102

Today I thought I would sit & create a page using sketch #102 over at Sketches In Thyme.

Here is the sketch

To accommodate the photo I had chosen I had to change the orientation of the sketch.  This means any title and/or journalling probably has to be done slightly different.  Here's hoping this hasn't changed it too much for the challenge.

Here is my page

As you can see from the journalling I am still trying hard to catch up with holiday photos taken over the last few years.  I did find this one tricky as I tried it with different coloured backgrounds; patterned backgrounds & I just couldn't settle on things.  So I popped the photo on the page & worked around it which brought about the plainer papers.

I didn't take a lot of photos on this day & a couple of the indoor ones didn't come out too well so this view is really the best one but it is still a memory of the day out, along with the free miniature of the whisky.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cards Galore Scrapbook challenge - Blue

Time to catch up with another scrapbook challenge & this time I have created a page for the challenge over at Cards Galore Scrapbook Challenge where the theme is "Must Feature Blue".

Recently I have been catching up on creating- long overdue pages & this one is no exception & is ideal for the blue challenge.  here is my page;

This little lad is now 10 years old.  Will I ever catch up!!

I have tried to step outside my normal layout with this one.  I find it hard not to use frames so on this page I have really tried not to use a frame & have used a mask frame instead, which doesn't give a defined outline it gives a raggy outline.

I like the look of this page & may now be able to do more in this style.

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Digitally Sweet Challenge - #23 love is in the air

Well it is February after all said & done, & Valentines day only just gone - so the challenge this time at Digitally Sweet Challenges is all about love.

Here is my page for this challenge;

A very clean & simple page for me this time.  I chose this photo even though I have used it before on pages I have been building.  The reason I chose it is because it was taken just about 27 years ago & we have been together 28 years this year.  On this years anniversary of being together we are finally making it "official" & will be getting married.  When I saw this pretty paper & frame I remembered my jumper was that lovely shade of pink so thought it would be just perfect.  I think in a few months time I might use the same layout for a more uptodate photo.  Not sure the pink will be appropriate but I expect I can alter that to suit.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Lets Get Sketchy - Feb week 1

Time for another challenge over at Let's Get Sketchy & I decided to get another page of my Brussels weekend made which we had in 2011 - so long overdue.

Here is the sketch;

& here is my page

When we had our weekend in Brussels it was unfortunately not at the time of the Flower Carpet, but in one of the brochures we picked up there was this lovely photo.  I scanned it & used it for my background paper, having first made it a little more transparent to fade it into the background.
As always my pages are digital & made with Serif Craft Artist.  One of the days we visited Mini-Europe.  This is basically a model village - but of Europe.  As we walked around I spotted the model of The Grand Place with a replication of the flower carpet.  That is my photo. Because I took many of the photos fairly close up it is almost impossible to realise that they are models.  But in this one I think there are some people in the background of the photo.  The papers, flowers & flags were taken from various digi-kits I have on my laptop.
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Digital Tuesday #197 - Up, Up & Away

I found this challenge blog a few weeks ago & each time I forgot to keep an eye on the days & missed the date. The blog?  Is Digital Tuesday & this weeks challenge is "Up, up & away".

So I had a look amongst my many "My Craft Studio" CD's - there were birds, butterflies, aeroplanes & a few other things - but then I stumbled across this image & thought - "yes -- that's the one for me"

Balloons! They fly away up high don't they!  Also that cake looked good.  Here is the complete card

In my usual disorganised manner I forgot to note the name of the CD this came from & trying to find it again (they are all loaded on my laptop) is tricky.  I am not a fan of decoupage but felt I couldn't leave this one flat.  The pink background paper is also off the CD.  I printed one complete image, an extra set of balloons & an extra cake.  The complete image is on sticky pads then I have added a second layer of the cake, & also the top 2 & lower 2 balloons. I then stamped the birthday greeting.  The doilies serve 2 purposes - a table cloth the cake is sitting on & the clouds the cake will float through. Finally I added a little glitter to the icing on the cake & the highlight points of the balloons.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

I made top 3 ...............

......... over at CD Sunday for the challenge a couple of Sunday's ago when the theme was "Hello Doily".  I am so pleased.

I showed 2 photos in the blog for that day (27 January) but I think it was this one I put forward

Thank you CD Sunday.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sketches in Thyme #101

Time for me to join in the challenge over at Sketches In Thyme this week.

Here is the sketch;

& here is my page based on the sketch

isn't he cute?

Uscar is his name.  We thought we had misheard it when we were first told & thought they had meant Oscar.

On our way back home from a holiday & taking a picturesque tour of the Malvern Hills on the way we decided to find somewhere to stay for one night.  Purely by chance we found this lovely B&B with absolutely gorgeous views over the hills.  In fact it was so nice - we stayed 2 nights.

The owners of the B&B were training this delightful puppy to be a guide dog, & would be looking after him for about 12 months (I think I remember that correctly - as once again these are photos taken some 5 years ago).  He was irresistible & it was very hard not to make too much fuss of him & risk undoing the good work the couple were doing.  They told us that when he had his lead on he was working - well training at working - so we were very good & didn't distract him.  But when his lead was off we could make a fuss & give him a cuddle.  I took these photos just as we were leaving to continue our journey home.

Now! the page - as always it has been created in Serif Craft Artist & I found the background page in one of the many kits I have on my laptop.  I just lightened it a little.  I love these frames that make it look like the photos have been torn - yet funnily I most probably wouldn't tear an actual photo.

Thank you Sketches in Thyme - another great layout to try & another of my many to do pages created & done.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

An early page

Today I am showing one of my early pages using Serif Craft Artist.

My neighbour keeps fan tailed doves & we feed the local bird community.  The doves eventually found where some the seed for the birds was & most cleverly how to get at it.   I just had to capture it with my camera -

As you can see from the bottom photo even when my OH walked down the drive the dove didn't bother flying away - he was having a great time eating all the seed.  Also he obviously did know I was in the kitchen taking the photographs - but still didn't stop eating.

I was really pleased with the way this early attempt turned out.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

An old layout

Over the last few days I haven't created anything new digitally.

My time has been used up with other things - a family wedding.  So I thought I would look out a page I created a while back before I started this blog.

Here it is

I spotted this really great cloud formation through my kitchen window & just had to photograph it.  I love taking photos of the seasons & the weather.

It was only when I looked at the photos on my laptop that I spotted the face & could't resist creating the page.

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wonderful Serif Craft Artist ..............

........... & more importantly the wonderful ladies of the Craft Artist - Creative Cappers group on Facebook, & particularly Catherine who manages to find the most amazing things that the software will do.

Just this week a way to make Laser Die Cuts (digitally of course) was shown & I just had to have a go - so here is my first attempt;

It's great isn't it?  Looks just like a block laser cut die placed on a light blue background.

Then I had of course to try again & make a card.  here it is;

The heart with its inner floral design is the die cut - I love this technique & can see i will be using it quite a lot. 

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Digitally Sweet #21 Anything but a card or layout

Over at Digitally Sweet the next challenge is to create something that is not a card or a page layout.  So thinking cap on.

As I am at the moment up to my elbows in a wedding, & one of the things I will be sorting this week is pillow boxes I thought why not create one digitally for the challenge.

Here is my pillow box;

I created it in Serif Craft Artist using one of the templates in the software.  I added my own background & then from various kits chose a bouquet of flowers & a sentiment.

After cutting out & embossing the fold lines of the pillow I encouraged it into the shape & stuck down the flaps to keep the shape.  I then cut out the bouquet the colour of which I had altered to go with the background paper.  I left just a very narrow white margin around it & took away as much of the white card between flowers as I could.  The sentiment I added to a shape which I coloured to match then cut it out punched a hole & added the appropriate colour ribbon.

Here is a picture of the box template before I cut it out,  with my background paper on it;

The background paper for the template was a piece of pinky lilac that was part of one of the digi kits.  The floral pattern was from a card I had made using a new technique I had learnt thanks to one of the ladies in the Serif Craft Artist Users Group.  My next post will be to show that card - it uses a faux laser die cut technique.

Thank you for stopping by my blog I hope you found your visit interesting & will call again.  If you have time before you go please leave a comment - or just say hello.