Sunday, 17 March 2013

faux stamping

With my other interest being rubber stamping I am always looking for ways that crafts cross each other.

Today I had a go at replicating a fairly new stamping technique called Triple Stamping.  Simply put the image is stamped across 3 layers then the card is put together by inserting layers of coloured card between.

Confused - well take a look at this

Not too difficult to do digitally & also rather effective.  I am rather partial to monochrome designs as well - so it works well for me - I am rather pleased with it.  The design will be cut out in one piece & placed on the front of a square card.  Nice CAS card that will come in very useful.

Thank you for popping inn I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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  1. You're right Gloria - it does look like 'the real thing' :)


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