Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Having a play with photos....

........ well, a photo actually.

Somewhere fairly recently I saw something where someone had changed a photo into a line drawing.  I had to know how to do it.

So! starting point for new things is always the Internet.  Just Google what you want to do.  The options that came up didn't quite work for the software I use - so I tried to follow as close as I could.  Now! as I have mentioned before I use Serif Craft Artist - so wouldn't you think I would go & see if they have a tutorial for it.  Of course you would!  Did I?  No.  At least not until I had tried different ways.

I belong to a Facebook group for Serif CA & after creating the page I am going to show you I discovered they had a link to the tutorial I had found.  Therefore note to self - check CA group first.

Here is the photo I wanted to use -

& here is the finished item with the line drawing placed on a background & some text & an embellishment added;

It's good, isn't it?  I am not praising myself here - I am talking about the effect.  I need to go back to it & define some of the outlines a bit more.  Just pleased to have found the way to do it.

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