Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another wedding page

I quite enjoyed making my first page yesterday so I decided to make another one using that same multi-frame.  These pages may just stay on my laptop or I may end up printing them I am not sure yet.  I really will have to sit down & think about the photos logically so that when the pages are put together they make more sense.  These two pages are really for trying out things.

Top left picture is the beautiful setting for our wedding.  The top little photo is my daughter in law fixing my necklace & the lower one of Bob & I doing a pretend cut of the cake, & the lower large photo is the registrar saying "you are now man & wife" & congratulating us.

The registrar was an absolutely delightful man & most accommodating of my request of music to enter by.  It was about 5 minutes long & I didn't come into the room until just on half-way through.  He had told our guests, & Bob of course, that there was a bit of a long lead in, as he didn't want them getting restless thinking I wasn't turning up.

Probably back with another page tomorrow.


  1. More lovely photos Gloria. What a beautiful setting you had for your wedding.
    Beryl xx

  2. Looks lovely Gloria and i think you have the right idea about your photos, with digital you have the option of changing your mind if you want to rearrange anything. i think you should print some out, i now my lot love to look at family photos and remember the day.
    sue xx


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