Saturday, 29 June 2013

A craft room - first stage

At last I can actually sit down in my new craft room, at my desk - well sort of.  I have to breathe in to get there so I got my DH to take a photo of me sat at my desk. Take a look & see.

Yes! that's me - down at the end, partly behind all the boxes.  Down there I have a desk, a bookcase, my 2 ten-drawer trolleys which hold stamps, inks & other essentials, & a spotlight lamp.  After this long a gap of being able to get to things what more could a girl want!!!!

Here is the rest of the room.  This is the view as you open the door from the lounge.

& this is the view to the right, looking toward the window.  The mattress has now gone & there is a walkway between the rows of boxes which is what you could see in the first photo.

The room is a converted garage so you can grasp an approximate size of it.  Now all I need is to get things out of boxers & on shelves.  

But patience is a virtue & I will get there.  But some of the other rooms in the house still have boxes so they need sorting too.  

Friday, 28 June 2013

CD Sunday ........... S is for ............

Hooray a chance to join in a challenge after a much much too long a break.

I am in my new house, I have a craft room  - which I cannot properly get into yet.  But I do have my laptop & so having a rest from some unpacking I thought I would try the CD Sunday challenge.

As I cannot yet access card & paper I am afraid my offering is a jpeg of what could be printed.  It is also very simple - but I needed to join in I have been getting withdrawal symptoms.  Hopefully this coming Sunday I will be able to join in properly.

So "S is for ........... "!  I have used a digikit I have & created the card with Serif Craft Artist.  I am sure the kit I have used was a CD based one & not a download.  It is called Christmas Gift & I am sure it is a Serif kit.

My S is for Snowflake & here is my card

I am off now to add it to CD Sunday & see what other lovely creations people have made.  Why not click on the link above & see what the challenge is all about.

Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, 24 June 2013

cracking up

Hi everyone
You may recently have spotted 2 blog posts that were headed Mold photos - part 1 & part 2.

I posted them here in error - they should have been posted on my blog for my rubber stamp clubs.  I have now moved them.  Obviously moving house has definitely addled my brain.

I hope to have something to blog about here in the next day or two, as at the moment it is the only type of crafting I can do. I can't get near to my stamping & other card making items yet.  The craft room will probably sadly be the last room to be sorted.

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A lucky page

Good morning everyone & what a beautiful day it is.  More of this sunshine please.

I am sure I have mentioned on here before that I belong to a Facebook group for user of Serif Craft Artist digital software.  It is the software I use for most of my digital work.

During May the group admin team have been running a challenge.  We were given a minikit to work with - consisting of a couple of backgrounds & images (& that is a very simple definition of the kit).  We had to use at least one background & one embellishment & of course the many many features of CAP.

On going to the Facebook page this morning I find that one of my entries - I did 2 - has been chosen as one of the top six.  What a brilliant start to the day!

The tree - as you see it in the small oval at the bottom was one of the images as was the green flower at the corners - although in the kit the flowers were yellow-gold. I framed  the complete tree pictures inside a green shape & put it through one of the many photo effects which changed it to this green shade & added white highlights & also embossed the green frame  The oval has had the 3-d (pyramage) tool used on it to give it 3 layers as well as being cropped to the oval shape.

I am very proud of being selected as there were some truly amazing entries.

My blogging over the next couple of weeks will be a bit hit & miss as we are due to move home on the 18 June.  Then once my craft room is organised (as quickly as I can manage) - I will be back regularly.

Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoyed your stay.