Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Serif pick of the week

Oh dear, oh dear
I watched for a few days & finally gave in.
Yesterday I ordered the C&C Serif Pick of the Week - Stamps & Punches CD's (1 & 2), then I threw caution to the wind & ordered the Hearts Design CD as well.
My credit card has hidden itself at the bottom of my bag crying out "leave me alone!!"
But when it realises how much money I will save from buying other things such as background papers etc - I think it will forgive me.  Oh come on - who am I kidding!!!!!!!!!!

Is my credit card crazy or me - I leave you to decide.  :)

It is great to be back & crafting once again - keep an eye on this space I intend to use it - & how.

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  1. I'm just waiting for the new month on my card to begin and hope I can sneak in while it's still POW. I really really want those stamps.
    Beryl xx


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