Tuesday, 24 December 2013

CD Sunday - DL, Decoupage & Dies

Hi everyone
Well! here it is Christmas Eve & yet somehow I have managed to find the time to put together my card for the current challenge over at CD Sunday.

This time the challenge is to use DL card, Dies & Decoupage.  Here is my card;

I used My Craft Studio "Something Special" CD & Design set 1.  I printed 2 background papers, 2 of the ribbon strips & 3 of the main image.  One of the images was left complete, then the second one I cut out the complete image of the lady, & finally from the third image I cut out the top part of the hat & the fur collar.   

The next stage was to die cut the edge of the plain background paper & trim it to fit the card, then trim the patterned background to fit over it.  One of the ribbon strips was placed down the middle of the card & the other one cut up to make a paper bow with tails.  Then the decoupage placed in position.

This card is so far removed from the Christmas cards that I have been making it made a lovely breath of fresh air.

Thank you for popping into my little blog I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Oh dear - I weakened

Hi everyone

Yes, I gave in to the offer on C&C a few days back for the MCS "All about Alphabets" & it's 2 accompanying CD's.  They arrived today & I have only had a chance to have a quick look through. There is quite a wide choice of alphabets - it will probably take me ages to choose one when I go to use it.

I have been sitting tight on my hands though - as I have been very much tempted by the 10-cd anniversary set - I am doing OK at the moment.

Right I am now off over to CD Sunday Challenge blogs to see what everyone has been doing this week.

Back again soon.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MCS 4-day deal

........ have you ...... like me ............... weakened & bought the 4-day deal?

I wasn't going to give in - then I saw all those lovely alphabets.  I know I could have bought just that CD on it's own - but it would have been rude to ignore the other 2 - wouldn't it.  Wouldn't it?

So can't wait for it to arrive.

Just thought I would pop in with that thought.

Monday, 2 December 2013

CD Sunday - Home Sweet Home

I thought I should try & join in this weeks CD Sunday challenge early rather than later as we are getting closer to Christmas & it's going to get busy with getting ready.  Although we have generously been given 2 weeks for this challenge.

So, the theme this week is Home Sweet Home.  As I was on my own yesterday afternoon I spent a nice leisurely time going through most of my CD's for the right image.

Here is my card;

& here is a closeup of the corner

Everything was found on "A walk in the Countryside" from Cupcake Crafting (which is now - Creative Crafting World).  

I used the snapshot tool to pull out just the images I wanted & created the sentiment.  Then I printed one of the backgrounds that went the best with the image, along with the circular coloured image & one of the black & white square images. I also changed the effect of the square to make it quite pale. The background paper was mounted onto a scalloped edge 8x8 card leaving a border on 3 sides.  I laid the small coloured image on the reverse of the black & white image & drew around it.  Then I cut out the circle. I very lightly marked the position for the coloured image on the background paper & then glued it in place.  The black & white image was added on sticky pads & placed on the background & the sentiment was adhered to a spare piece of the background paper.  All in all I am very pleased with this card.

Thank you for visiting my little blog space - do pop over to the challenge blog & see what everyone is making - just click on the link at the start of the post.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

I won!...

.. found out this morning.  My entry for the CD Sunday Challenge for 17 November - Simply Square was chosen for top 3 & in fact was number 1.  I get quite excited when that happens.  This is the card

I have chosen my materials for this weeks challenge & tomorrow will sit down & put the card together.

Thank you for your visit.