Friday, 31 January 2014

CD Sunday - Year of the Horse

Good afternoon everyone - my goodness where has the morning gone!!

Finally, after missing the CD Sunday challenges for 2 weeks, I have once again joined in.  This week the theme is Year of the Horse.  I got a bit worried as I searched amongst my CD's for anything to do with horses - & I didn't seem to have anything.  I need to work out a way of cataloguing the contents of my CD's - but feel it is a job that will take forever.  Anyway! enough wittering on - I did find something & here is the card I made;

The image & background paper is from Joanna Sheen's Victoria Animals & Nature CD.

The base card is a landscape cream deckle edged card.  I trimmed down the background paper & rounded the corners then distressed the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  I took the main image on  the CD & reduced its size a little & printed 2 copies.  From one I cut out the image leaving me with the frame.  I then cut a piece of acetate which I attached to the reverse side of the frame & placed it over the image using some thin foam dots to raise it a little above the image.  I placed the whole thing on foam pads & adhered to the front of the card after catching some beaded chain behind it.  Some small peel off letters were put in the corner of the frame - friends.

You may notice there seems to be lines across the image.  Well, there is, it appears my printer is getting low on some inks - but I thought I would still use it.

Thank you for stopping by my blog I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Why not click on the link above & see what others have created.

'Bye for now.  Back soon.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

CD Sunday - Tantalizing Turquoise

Last week (CD Sunday 5 January) I decided on what I was going to do, printed off everything I needed - then got involved with a lot of domestic things & missed the date.  I will probably still make the card & show it here, seeing as I have it all printed out.

But more importantly right now I must not miss this weeks challenge at CD Sunday, where the theme, as you can see, is "Tantalizing Turquoise".  This is a colour I always have a problem with - is it blue? - is it green? & just how much of either shade is it.

Any way here is my offering & I will explain afterwards;

I haven't used this faux book template in ages - but when I spotted the bookmark I knew what I had to do.

This just shows the bookmark out of the book.  

The digital image for this is the bookmark & is from My Craft Studio - Celebrations vol 1 - Butterflies.  I hold my hand up & say that the only thing I have done to this bookmark other than print it & cut it out is mount it onto black card to make it sturdier. By sheer luck I found the polka dot paper in one of my paper boxes & it was the perfect colour.  It was part of a number of sheets from a magazine amongst which was the label which I have put my book title on.  In the photo it looks like it is layered on red - but it is in fact black - I think the light was playing tricks. A straight black peeloff marks the position of the spine from the front.

Just the other day I bought some background stamps & one of them was "definitions" set out like a section across a page - so I repeat stamped it down the inside of the "book" to make it a little more realistic.

I must pop over now & link to the CD Sunday website & have a good look at what everyone else has done.  Why don't you pop over there when you have finished reading my blog - there is bound to be some great ideas.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Monday, 6 January 2014

I made top 3.....

.... in the CD Sunday challenge for Sunday 22nd December with a DL card with Die-cut & Decoupage.  I was chosen as number 2 - with this card;

The challenge this week is Pretty in Pink - so I had better get my thinking cap on.

Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, 3 January 2014

cd sunday - we are sailing

Hi everyone.

Another testing challenge this week at CD Sunday, as it says above the theme is "We are sailing". Hmm, definitely not sure how I was going to deal with that.  At first I had what I thought was a brilliant idea of creating a scene with a camel in it.  Camel?  Sailing?  See, I had remembered it was also known as the "ship of the desert".  But as hard as I tried I couldn't get together what I had in mind.

Then yesterday I had an idea & here I am.  The CD I used was from My Craft Studio - Papercraft Expert.  Hang in there all will be revealed.

Here are a scan of the papers I used;

and here is my card;

I used a white 5x5 square card, then from another piece of white card I cut the shape of the sailing boat & decorated it with the papers using the Iris Folding technique.  I trimmed it with deckle edged scissors, then created a border around the square card with some of the brown paper strips to frame the image.  I edged the cut edges with silver border peel-offs & found some borders that looked like waves so added those once I had mounted the image on the card.

The iris folding design i found courtesy of the Circle of Crafters - click on their name to go to their website. This link will take you direct to the pattern for the sail boat - but there is lots more on there.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy Blogaversary - Number 1

Good morning - I cannot believe that I have been writing this digital blog for one whole year. There have been some long gaps - but gradually I am doing more.

To those of you who have visited, & left comments, thank you.  I look forward to more visits from you in the new year & my first post should happen in the next day or two - so watch this space.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Wishing you  Happy New Year

Thank you for visiting my blog - I look forward to your future visits in the New Year.