Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Making sample cards

Hi everyone - did you see that sunset tonight?  Wasn't it glorious?  I couldn't take my eyes off the changing colour.

Having set aside some time today for me to have a play making some samples I got a little despondent when things didn't work out quite right.  Plus added to that I appear to have lost a set of pigment ink pads.  They are the small square ones & I had them in a little clear plastic box with a lid.  I think I used them at at least one club night when we were doing the Thumping Technique & also the Ghosting Technique & I think I took them to a workshop I attended as well - but I have no idea after those events.  They were pads I have had a while but had started to use again as they were suitable for several new techniques.  Never mind - either someone will say "I have your ink pads" - or - they will turn up - or - I will never see them again.  Life goes on.

So! these samples - a couple didn't work too well but then I realised there was a reason why not & I could still use them in my demo.

You know how sometimes you look amongst your stamps for something to use for a particular technique or card & just cannot make up your mind.  That was another problem today - but then like a crafting angel - I had, right on time today, a delivery from C&C.  Three stamps I had ordered from a Stamps Away show. All 3 were floral & one in particular really suited what I wanted to do. One of the others will work just as well also - but the one I am going to show you was just perfect.

The technique is called Faux silk & it is the project for tomorrow evenings meeting of Mold club. Mold II club & CSNW will be doing this later on.

So here are my samples - I am not going to explain the technique here - just wait until it comes to your club night.

I just love this technique it is so delicate, & aren't those tulips gorgeous.  The other flowers in the set were Lily & Snowdrops.  The snowdrop may not work too well with this technique - but the Lily will.

So there you are - that is what I have been doing.

More tomorrow.
'Bye for now.  Night night.

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